On Belo Horizonte and accomodation

On Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, located in Southeastern Brazil, is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. It is considered a big city according to Brazilian standards – around 4 million people live in the whole metropolitan area! It is not too rich as São Paulo is; neither too famous as Rio de Janeiro is. However, this is a quite charming city in Brazil. Please, get an idea about Belo Horizonte watching this video below:

We hope this video has increased your curiosity about Belo Horizonte and your wish to visit it! This is for sure a Brazilian city that is worth visiting! Welcome to Belo Horizonte!

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On accommodation

List of hotels nearby the UFMG Campus

Ouro Minas Palace - http://www.ourominas.com.br/

Saint Louis - https://www.saintlouishotel.com.br/index.php/pt/

Quality Hotel Pampulha - http://www.atlanticahotels.com.br/hotel/belo-horizonte/quality-hotel-pampulha

Bristol Alameda Business - http://www.bristolhoteis.com.br/hotel,bristolalameda

San Diego Suites Pampulha - http://sandiegohoteis.com.br/hotel/san-diego-pampulha/

Allia Gran Pampulha Suit - http://www.bristolhotels.com.br/allia-gran-hotel-pampulha-suites/hotel-overview

Pampulha Design Hotel - http://www.chahoteis.com.br/hoteis/pampulha-design-hotel

Bristol Jaragua Hotel - http://www.bristolhotels.com.br/jaragua-hotel/hotel-overview

Nobile Inn Pampulha - http://www.nobilehoteis.com.br/hoteis/nobile-inn-pampulha-belo-horizonte/

Pampulha Flat - http://www.pampulhaflat.com/hotel-overview.html

Bristol Pampulha Lieu - http://www.bristolhotels.com.br/pampulha-lieu/hotel-overview

Pousada Sossego da Pampulha - http://sossegodapampulha.com.br/

IMPORTANT: Solidary housing: people from Belo Horizonte or from its metropolitan area will host participants from other parts of the world.

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Faculdade de Educação
Av. Antônio Carlos, 6627, sala 1654 - Pampulha
31.270-901 | Belo Horizonte - MG | Brasil
Tel: 55 31 3409-3798